The Best Way To Get From JFK to Manhattan

As one of the busiest and largest airports in New York City, JFK Airport receives a lot of passenger traffic going to Manhattan and the other boroughs. Unfortunately, Manhattan is the farthest borough from this prominent airport, so knowing the best way to get from JFK to Manhattan can save you time, money, and comfort. […]

Six Reasons to Book Corporate Chauffeur Services for Your Clients

As a business professional, it’s important to make a positive, long-lasting impression on business partners and clients. One of the best ways to keep clients talking about you in a positive light is by reserving a corporate service for ground transportation whenever you schedule a business meeting or dinner. New York City has plenty of public transportation […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Business Travel to New York

Millions of people flock to the Big Apple every year for both business and leisure travel. With some of the country’s most famous sites, corporate travel to New York can be incredibly exciting. Although you may have experience with business travel elsewhere, coming to New York is a unique experience that requires some extra thought. […]