The Best Way To Get From JFK to Manhattan

As one of the busiest and largest airports in New York City, JFK Airport receives a lot of passenger traffic going to Manhattan and the other boroughs. Unfortunately, Manhattan is the farthest borough from this prominent airport, so knowing the best way to get from JFK to Manhattan can save you time, money, and comfort.

There’s no transportation shortage in NYC, so travelers have plenty of options to reach their destination after landing at the airport. Still, hiring a private limo service in Manhattan may be the best option all around.

Discover the Best Way To Get From JFK To Manhattan

JFK Airport is the country’s busiest international airport. Because the location receives so much traffic, there are many options to get from Point A to Point B. Consider these options below if you want to know the best way to get from JFK to Manhattan.

Subway and AirTrain

One of the cheapest ways to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan is by subway. Prices start at $10.50 per person, and it can take up to 90 minutes to reach your destination. Yet, before you can load up on the subway, you have to take the AirTrain tram out of JFK.

The AirTrain connects all JFK terminals and two subway transit stations, one in Howard Beach and the other in Jamaica Station. Anyone going to Manhattan must exit the AirTrain at Jamaica Station and get on the subway by following the Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue JFK subway station. From there, you can take the E-, J-, or Z-line trains to reach your destination.


Some travelers feel safer and more comfortable traveling above ground in NYC, so they choose to get from JFK to Manhattan by taxi. Taxies are everywhere in NYC, but they can be expensive. The average cost for trips to and from the airport into Manhattan is $52 plus tolls, but the price will increase if the driver encounters traffic.

To get a taxi from JFK Airport, follow the signs inside the terminals that direct travelers to taxi stands outdoors. A line of taxis will be present, with an airport attendant directing riders to their cars. The only taxis that should be in the queue are the famed NYC Yellow Cabs; any other “taxi” could be a scam.

Airport Shuttle

You can choose one of several airport shuttles to leave JFK and get to your final destination in Manhattan. It’s suitable for people traveling with a large party that wouldn’t otherwise fit comfortably in a Yellow Cab.

Go to the Ground Transportation desk at JFK to find out where to catch a shuttle. The cost starts at $19, and the shuttle can take about 90 minutes to get into the city. The shuttle can drop you off at one of Manhattan’s major transit hubs like Times Square, Grand Central, or Penn Station, where you can walk to your destination or take other public transportation.

Private Car Service

The best way to maximize your time, comfort, and ease of travel once you touch down in JFK is to hire a private car service. Luxury ground transportation includes a licensed chauffeur who knows their way around the city and how to avoid main traffic areas. After a long flight into NYC, you can be confident you’ll get to relax inside a spacious vehicle with fantastic amenities.

The benefits of getting into Manhattan from JFK using a private car service are:

  • Convenience: You won’t have to worry about reaching your destination late or waiting for a ride. Private car services prioritize timeliness.
  • Comfort: Unlike dirty cabs and cramped trains, you can kick back inside a private car designed for comfort.
  • Safety: You’ll ride alone in a clean, disinfected vehicle with a vetted chauffeur.

Choose Golden Class Limo for Your Next Trip to Manhattan From JFK Airport

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Our licensed and courteous chauffeurs at Golden Class Limo pride themselves on taking clients wherever they need to go while utilizing the best routes to ensure timely pickups and dropoffs. Experience our unmatched customer service during your trip from JFK or with our Newark Airport to Manhattan limo service; call (718) 360-9383 to reserve your luxury vehicle today.


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