Your first limo ride will be one of the best experiences of your life. However, if you have never been inside of a limo before, you may not know what to expect from the experience. Let’s take a look at what you should do before, during and after your trip to make your first limo experience one that you will want to duplicate.

Actions to Take Before the Trip

Before you contact a limo company to make a reservation for your first limo ride, make sure that you know how many people are going to be in your party. This will help you determine the type of car that you need. You should also know whether you will be picking and dropping people off at one location or multiple locations.

Doing so will give your driver a better idea of how long you may need the car for. Finally, be sure to make any special requests ahead of time such as having bottled water or wine glasses already chilled when you get in. Most requests will be granted assuming that they are legal.

What to Expect During the Ride

If you need anything from your driver during the trip, do not be afraid to ask. For instance, if it is too hot for your liking, the driver can turn down the heat or turn on the air conditioner. Most cars are divided into zones, which means that you can manipulate the temperature in your part of the vehicle without anyone else being too hot or cold.

Your driver is often willing and able to make any stops along the way for any reason. All you need to do is ask. This allows you to stop at the store for extra food or drinks or stop to use the restroom during a long trip. However, it is important to keep in mind that making additional stops may increase the time it takes to reach your destination, and it could result in going over your allotted time if you frequently stop on the way back home.

What To Do After the Trip Is Over

After the trip is completed, make sure that all personal belongings are out of the car. You should also inspect the vehicle with the driver to verify that you or your party have caused no excessive damage. Finally, you should tip your driver above what is already included in your contract if he or she has done an excellent job.

Riding in a limo is a convenient, comfortable and stylish way to get to a sporting event, concert or business meeting. If you have never taken a limo before, it is something that you need to do at least once for the experience. Once you see the perks of getting around in this way, you may never want to drive your own car again.


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