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Top NYC Museums to Visit with Group Transportation Services

New York City is known for being a thriving melting pot of different cultures with a rich history, which is evident by the many NYC museums throughout the city. Planning group trips to some of the world’s biggest and most notable museums can seem daunting, especially when visiting New York City for the first time. However, the experience is easier with the help of group transportation services.

Golden Class Limo offers premium group transportation services in NYC. As one of the Tri-state area’s most reliable luxury transportation services, we know the area’s best destinations. Below is a comprehensive list of museums in NYC to consider for a group outing.

6 Must-Visit NYC Museums for Group Trips

New York City has almost 150 museums, including world-renowned establishments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Even entire neighborhoods, like Chelsea, are dedicated to small art galleries featuring everything from contemporary paintings to historical fashion. Consider the guide below to learn which NYC museums you should visit with your friends, family, and colleagues.

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art features over two million pieces of beautiful artwork from around the world. As the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere, the Met’s collections are so vast that they spread 16 departments to categorize art from various cultures.

Sculptures and paintings from European, Asian, African, American, and Oceanic artists aren’t the only works you can enjoy at the Met. Here, you and your group can view items like ancient costumes, musical instruments, armor, and weapons.

2. American Museum of Natural History

This family-friendly museum is about all things natural. Take a tour of the dinosaur floor with fossilized bones and true-to-scale recreations of various extinct animals when you visit the American Museum of Natural History.

The American Museum of Natural History has sections dedicated to space, the ocean, and temporary exhibits for sharks, endangered animals, and more. Museum highlights include the Willamette Meteorite, the Alaska Brown Bear exhibit, and the Titanosaur exhibit.

3. The Modern Museum of Art

If you and your friends or coworkers enjoy modern and contemporary art, MoMA or the Modern Museum of Art should be one of the NYC museums you visit with group transportation services. It’s one of the largest and most influential museums of its kind in the world.

Here, you can see various forms of modern art, such as photography, sculptures, illustrated books, paintings, architecture, and electronic media. Famous works like the “Campbell Soup Cans” by Andy Warhol and the “Starry Night” painting by Vincent van Gogh are at this distinguished museum.

4. National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island

Ellis Island in New York City Harbor is where you’ll find the National Immigration Museum. The museum details the history of American immigration since almost 12 million people immigrated to America through Ellis Island from 1892 through 1954. You and your group can see different artifacts from that era, such as historical records, personal items, and photographs.

5. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Another modern art museum to consider on your cultural excursion in New York City is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. You’ll recognize it when you arrive due to the building’s unique spiral architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum’s interior is home to priceless works like the “Spanish Dance” sculpture by Edgar Degas and “The Football Players” painting by Rousseau.

6. Brooklyn Museum

For a mix of modern and ancient art from diverse cultures, head to the Brooklyn Museum. As one of the largest NYC museums with more than 500,000 art pieces, the Brooklyn Museum has one of the world’s best Egyptian collections. However, you can also enjoy the beauty of various paintings, sculptures, and cultural items from Oceania, Europe, Africa, and Japan from the 17th to the 20th century.

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