Different Types Of Limousines You Can Hire

Renting a limo is one of the best decisions you can make whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. If you are going to meet an important client, hold a bachelor’s party or explore the city, it won’t be memorable unless you decide to rent a limo. The types of limousines options are endless […]

The Party Bus and Its Uses in New York


While the regular limousine service around town is pretty uncomplicated, it’s a whole different ballgame when you need transport for a dozen or more people. In that instance, a party bus looks like the perfect service. For example, party buses are perfect for weddings where the transportation needs inflate after you start counting cousins, uncles […]

Top 3 Reasons Limo Services Are Much Safer Than Other Car Rental Services

If you are going to an event, you need to make sure that you will arrive at the venue safely. Renting a car is often considered as the best option, but it comes with a risk. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, choosing a car service that provides you comfort and ensures […]

Reasons You Need To Hire Airport Limo Service

Air travel is never a walk in the park. It has always been stressful considering the process you need to undergo, such as navigating a very busy airport and passing through a series of security checks. If you want to save yourself from the potential headaches, hiring a private limousine to take care of your […]

Why Corporate Limousines Leave A Lasting Impression To Clients

Why Corporate Limousines Leave A Lasting Impression To Clients

Winning a client is not that easy because you need to prove that you are trustworthy. Making a good impression is essential in the process. Whether it is about attracting or retaining clients, you need to let them know that they are important to your business. Even small details should not be ignored. If you […]

What are the Best Parks in NYC?

New York City truly is the city that never sleeps. With something happening around every corner, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest shows, red carpet events, and pop-up art exhibits. But, what about when you want to slow things down? For those who like a balance of greenery and quiet […]

How to Throw an Amazing Halloween Party in NYC

Want to throw the most unforgettable Halloween party in NYC? Forget everything you knew about Halloween parties. Your party should be spooky and memorable according to New York City standards. We created this list to keep you ahead of the Halloween party planning game. Follow these tips and your Halloween party will be unforgettable. Pick […]

Limo New York: How to Choose the Best Limo Service

There are more than 130,000 limousines in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a limousine for executive transport or wedding, it’s important to find a service that caters to your unique situation. With numerous services out there, you can’t just pick the first one because they have a fleet of limousines. It’s a little bit […]

5 Tips For Booking an Elegant New York Limo for Prom

You’ve waited for this night all year long: it’s finally time for Prom. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit, have your corsage ready, and you’re ready for a magical evening. However, you’re not quite done just yet. You’ll want to make sure that you and your friends can arrive at prom in style. What better […]

5 Reasons To Use A New York Limo Service

5 Reasons To Use A New York Limo Service Whether you’re a New York local or visiting for the first time, navigating the largest US city isn’t a simple task. If you have a special event to attend or you want to turn any normal day into a special event, consider the benefits of hiring […]