Tips to Consider When Looking for Luxury Wedding Transportation for a Special Day

Most couples will begin planning their wedding soon after their engagement. The couple will be excited about the wedding planning; the couple can experience some issues on the way, especially when dealing with vendors they are not familiar with. For instance, the future couple may not know about the tips they should consider as they look for luxury wedding transportation. At Golden Classic Limo, we answer different questions such as how the guests will get from one point to another, the total cost of transportation, and the most suitable vehicle to use for New York weddings.

1. Timeline

You may not know the entire timeline; however, it is good to map out the better part of how the day will be spent and the location. For instance, you should get to know where you are getting ready. You may also look at the area where the bridal party portraits will be taken depending on whether the reception and ceremony will occur in different locations. Each of these factors will impact transportation during New York weddings.

You may need some help to determine the amount of time that will be allocated to the picture moments. The photographer should be in a position to chip in. In case of a last-minute emergency, such as one of the bridal party members arriving late, it is advisable to cushion your schedule.

After establishing the timeline, you can look into different companies that offer transportation services for New York weddings. Golden Classic Limo will recommend a schedule for your transportation in advance. By doing so, you will have enough time to plan for other important activities concerning the wedding.

If your wedding takes place when there is a major holiday, you should always book a Golden Classic Limo session early enough.

2. Budget

The budget matters a lot. Before procuring luxury wedding transportation services from Golden Class Limo, determine whether you have a fixed budget or a flexible budget. As you book a contract, you should have a better understanding of the minimums. At Golden Class Limo, our contracts and pricing are crystal clear. There are no hidden charges for our luxury wedding vehicles. If you do have any questions, our team will answer them promptly. Not sure what size vehicle you will need? We can help with that too! Contact us today to learn more about our pricing for luxury wedding vehicles.

3. Prepare Yourself

After setting up the itinerary, you can notify our luxury wedding transportation team through email or phone call. The itinerary helps the wedding transportation team better understand the details of the locations you visit during the wedding day. When the day finally arrives, we consider alternate routes to avoid traffic jams on the way to your destination.

Provide the itinerary to the bridal party so that they can plan everything ahead of the wedding date. It is advisable to ensure a contact person will be in touch with the transportation team. The contact person may be the wedding planner or coordinator. They can handle the questions that may arise during the wedding day.

4. The Fine Print in Luxury Wedding Transportation

After understanding the transportation needs with regard to the wedding, you should have a good idea of the entire cost. Golden Classic Limo will issue a written agreement that will also comprise the terms of service, including the required deposits, total cost, refund, deposits required, pick-up & drop-off points, and the arrival & departure locations.

Golden Classic Limo is completely insured and licensed for these types of transportations. The drivers are also well trained, and they always conduct themselves professionally as they transport the bridal party from one destination to the next.


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