Tips For Choosing A Group Transportation For A Whole Week Of Activities

When choosing group transportation for a whole week of activities, assess your group size and needs. Consider amenities, safety measures, and booking flexibility for a seamless experience. Review transportation options and fleet diversity. Check safety regulations, driver qualifications, and insurance coverage. Assess the booking process for user-friendliness and flexibility. Look into customer reviews and testimonials […]

Why Book a Group Transportation Service for Your NYC Corporate Events

It’s time to start planning transportation for your NYC corporate events. However, using traditional options like public buses or Uber is impractical for groups of over a dozen people. Group transportation from a luxury car service company will provide the most convenient and immersive experience. Our professional chauffeurs at Golden Class Limo discuss some of […]

6 Noteworthy New York City Events for 2023

New York City Events, Festivals, Sporting Matches & More

There’s never any shortage of things to do in New York City, and the 2023 calendar is already filling up with exciting events for all ages and interests. From flowers and cars to sports and food, there’s a long list of New York City events to choose from this year. Whether you live in the […]

Bells are Ringing: Why Group Transportation for Weddings Make Sense

The time has come to celebrate the joining of two lovebirds, talk about the future, share drinks, joy, and wish good wishes. Undoubtedly, this is a beautiful moment for you because weddings should always be joyful events, but with so much on your mind, people don’t always think of the basics, like transportation. The good […]