Special Events in the Big City that Require Transport

Special weddings

At Golden Class Limo, we are able to provide you with reliable transportation to accommodate your special events. One of the most common clients we serve includes those seeking to find a pristine limo service for their wedding. This is an incredibly important day for those involved, and we’re adamant about making sure you have the right transportation!

You will feel invigorated by the experience we offer here and every single wedding is important to us. There are no cookie-cutter experiences here. We work with you to effectively plan your wedding so the inside of the limo looks superb and inviting.

Corporate services

If you’re looking to up your game in the corporate world, look no further than the professional Golden Class Limo. We are on your side and truly care about the nature of your business. You might have repeat meetings at specific times. We can learn about the intricacies of your schedule to ensure that your rides are on time and exude immense continuity and style.

Our drivers will treat any high-class executives with respect and finesse while we drive you to the most important locations around the area. You won’t have to worry about getting lost or being late ever again because our drivers have an intimate working knowledge of NYC. We are the perfect choice to make a lasting impression and are highly professional in the way we communicate overall.

Group Transportation

Our services extend to you regarding group transportation. If you have a large number that needs to get to any destination with style. We ensure that you’ll get there safely and securely with a comfortable and dazzling experience. Our cars are gorgeous and we take pride in bringing you the most luxurious experience possible. If you have larger groups heading to any location around NYC, we are the right experts to serve your special events.

Hiring us will add extra spice to life if you’re going to a theme park or perhaps on a tour with multiple people. We have the right vehicles to hold a larger capacity and are always flexible in finding you the right ride. It can be overwhelming at times to plan a trip to New York City and find the correct transportation. Let us at Golden Class Limo take you around town to see all the sights and enjoy each other’s company!

Party Bus Services

We are always proud to make someone’s birthday a memorable and fun experience with the added benefits of getting a wonderful party bus! Our spacious rides will give you the capacity to play some fun games and even have some delectable snacks along with bumping tunes according to your liking. This is your important time to celebrate another year gone by and we have a surprise for you with our excellent transportation services.

Our party buses are fully equipped to handle even the most ambitious themes and we will work with you to bring it to fruition. We understand that our customers have a vision and it’s all about bringing it to life with the best services around NYC. Don’t settle for less when it comes to hiring a transportation service. We are affordable and exceptionally good at what we do with vast industry experience!

Contact us today about your special events!

If you’re looking for the perfect professional transportation service then we are your go-to option. All of our services are excellent for complementing your special events and we will bring life to the party! We always encourage creativity here and stress freedom of expression regarding any particular desire. You might want to match your theme with the one in the limo or bus and that’s very possible.

Does your executive require a certain lumbar support seating arrangement? Not a problem. There are many desirable qualities surrounding our business and we are always on time. This is of incredible importance during time-sensitive excursions. Our team always appreciates your feedback so we can further enhance the experience and give exactly what our customers need! Feel free to give us a call today and plan for your next event and we are happy to help!


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