Queens CAR AND Limousine SERVICE

Whether you’re heading to Queens for dinner or for a whole week, you can trust Golden Class Limo to get you there in style. During your visit, head to the Queens Botanical Garden for an oasis in the middle of the busy city.

Visit The Green Street to experience the first Korean BBQ restaurant on Long Island, or make a reservation at Szechuan House to partake in authentic Chinese cuisine, including whole fish, in an upscale environment. After dinner, grab a sweet Chinese treat by visiting the popular Violet’s Bake Shoppe.

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Anywhere in Queens and all of New York City is your playground when you have an exclusive limo service like Golden Lass Limo. Forget ride-share headaches and enjoy the exclusive life you deserve. Here are a few of the things that you enjoy with each booking.


Complete professionalism is important when you ride through the city. You need a driver that looks professional and acts so as well. If you have had bad experiences with ride-share and taxi drivers that may or may not have made you feel safe, you know, all too well, how essential professionalism is in a ride.

Each driver is fully licensed and insured for your safety. They arrive professionally dressed and ready for your ride. Sight-see or complete your business trip with the best ride anywhere in the city.

The exclusive care that you deserve is simple. Book everything ahead and expect your limo on time. You ride where you want and have a limo that says that you are special.

That special care is everything on your trip through the city. You can impress your colleague, or a client, whenever you have the right limo or car service. Make your choice carefully.


Your parties in Queens and New York City are always taken care of when you have limo service booked with Golden Class Limo. No more worries about legal responsibilities when all party guests have a safe ride home.

Your bridal parties and other special events will be the talk of the town when every detail is completely covered. Limo service is just as important as catering and entertainment. Book ahead to ensure that your event is the perfect one.

Weddings are perfect when you have the correct ride to and from the events of your big day. If you are planning for the bride, know that you can count on Golden Class Limo.

Shopping Trips

Don’t forget the shopping in the city. Pick up in Queens and head out for a shopping day in style. The exclusivity that you have worked so hard to achieve is waiting for you.

Book today, so your day is exactly what you need. Treat yourself in the city, then ride back in style. It is everything you need to keep packages safe as you shop your way through the day.

Every part of the ride is specially catered to your needs, too. Ask for those special things to make the day perfect. Just request it when you book to ensure the ride is perfect.

Airport Transportation

Even your ride to the airport is special when you book a limo before the day. Feel free to book on the day of as well. Make sure to book it as soon as possible, though, to ensure availability.

Your return trip can be just as exclusive. Set everything up before you leave. Ride to the airport in comfort and decadence, and return home the exact same way.

The drivers know the perfect route to get you there on time. They wait in an exclusive place at the airport, so you can exit the plane and enter your luxury vehicle. It is everything you need to make travel the best for every trip.

Nights On The Town

Your night out in the city is waiting for you. Book your ride now to have the exact vehicle you want for your fun night out. Call your friends and plan a special time together.

The only issue you need to worry about is what to wear. Plan your night, and enjoy it knowing that you can enjoy it. Your days of worrying over ride-share drivers are over now.

You are safe with Golden Class Limos. Every event is perfect. Your travels are fun and timely. The days of missed flights and ride-share are over for you now. Sit back and enjoy the exclusivity of a limo or car service ride in Queens or anywhere the city takes you.

Book now with Golden Class Limos to take in the best of the city. Your parties are better, the events are safer, and everyone will enjoy the time together more. Sit back, and drink, knowing that your driver is in charge of the ride.