The Difference Between a Private Chauffeur and Ride Shares

Many people use the terms private chauffeur and rideshare driver interchangeably. Although they have a lot of similarities, there are a lot of differences between them. For instance, professional chauffeurs not only offer comprehensive transport-related services but also boast of top-notch customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the differences between rideshare and chauffeur drivers. These differences distinguish between the quality of service between the two.

Hiring Criteria

There are no unique considerations or criteria for qualification to be a rideshare driver. However, for a chauffeur, you need a lot. Rideshare has a few restrictions that you can easily evade. To prove this, one sentence on ride share’s website reads that everyone is eligible to drive on their uber platform.

To be a rideshare driver, you only need the following requirements:

  • A legible vehicle with four doors
  • You must own a valid US driving license with at least 1-3 years of driving experience

As long as you can drive and meet the above requirements, you qualify to be a rideshare driver on many platforms.

On the other hand, being a professional chauffeur requires adherence to stricter rules and regulations. To start with, you must demonstrate outstanding customer service skills and pass some background checks. In short, they only employ drivers who have many years of experience who have seamlessly offered exceptional service to travelers.

Vehicle Types

A private chauffeur usually drives the most luxurious cars, while ride shares drivers rarely do. Rideshares do not limit the types of vehicles you can drive as long as they have four doors, are in an acceptable road condition, and weren’t manufactured more than 15 years ago.

As expected, private chauffeur drives the most spacious, clean, safe, and spacious cars. Such cars are full of amenities and feel comfortable when you compare them to most rideshares cars. When being driven by a private chauffeur, you got plenty of space to sit and relax while on transit. Some of the late-model vehicles for most chauffeur services include the following:

  • High top luxury vans
  • Mercedes Benz Sedans
  • Yukon Denali SUV
  • Lincoln Navigator SUVs

Quality of Service

Rideshare drivers aim only to ensure you get from one place to another. Rideshares drivers care less about the comfort and happiness of their clients. They control the music, temperature, and arrival time.

On the other hand, Private Chauffeurs provide a top-notch standard of customer service. They will always ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The comfort starts with a selection of the most luxurious vehicles with flight tracking software for on-time arrivals.

The other perks you could enjoy by choosing Chauffeurs include;

Bag handling services – many private chauffeurs offer to carry your bags wherever they meet you in the lobbies of hotels or airports.

Standby services- with chauffeurs, you don’t need to limit your meeting time since they will always be on standby as you complete your appointments and meetings.


Due to the experience and outstanding services they offer to travelers, private chauffeurs earn more. Although private chauffeurs earn more, that doesn’t mean they charge a lot; in fact, recent studies have shown that using private chauffeur cars saves you a lot of money and resources in the long run. For instance, they have flight tracking software to ensure that you have a car from the airport right on time. Furthermore, they have hourly service rates; therefore, you don’t have to be worried if you have back-to-back meetings in separate locations. You don’t have to be worried about finding a new driver to drive you to your appointments in such a situation.


The goal of Private Chauffeur is to offer the ultimate transportation experience. To do this, one needs enough time to come fully prepared for luxury; therefore, we recommend you book them 2-3 hours in advance. In addition, unlike ride shares drivers, where there are limited options to choose from, professional chauffeurs are limitless.

While choosing your service providers, always look for companies with exemplary customer service and a five-star online rating.

In conclusion, a Private Chauffeur offers highly exclusive services. They have four things that rideshares drivers do not have an interest in. All four are your ultimate experience. Although you expect to pay more for chauffeurs, the returns are worth the price.

If you wish to experience this luxury difference yourself, make haste and book a private chauffeur. Enjoy pick-ups from your doorstep and memorable moments till you leave the spacious luxury drives.


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