Hire a Chauffeur When NYC Re-Opens | Where to go

If you miss New York, you’re not alone. Many travelers have been feeling the pinch of not being able to visit this amazing city. When you’re ready to visit the Big Apple again, make sure you hire a chauffeur and plan ahead by buying tickets to events to follow capacity guidelines and avoid missing out.

Museums to Consider

You might start with a visit to the upper east side and a stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Depending on the timing of your visit, wear very good shoes as you may be standing in line for a while, even if you bought your tickets in advance. You might study the highlights of the collection, including the sketches of Gauguin or the many paintings of Monet, or you might focus on the special collections, from medieval armor to Native American art.

Stretch Your Legs

From the Met, you can stroll south and check out the many vendor carts along the way to the southern loop of the park. Get a pretzel and a coffee and rest on a bench under a tree. You can also head straight west to the Museum of Natural History and check out the dinosaur bones.

Visit the Lady

At some point, you’ll want to get on the water. Why not take a limo? Hire a chauffeur to take you south to the 9/11 Memorial for some reflection time, then head to Battery Park where you can hop on a tour boat and take a guided tour of Lady Liberty. These tours often include stops at Ellis Island; again, keep an eye on the time so you can get back to your hotel room and clean up for dinner.

Check Out the Lights

As the sun sets, New York City creates her own light. Take your hired car over to Times Square and visit The View atop the Marriott. As you slowly see the city light up, you can enjoy a cocktail and a quick bite or a delicious multi-course meal.

Many Food Options

NYC is famous for its many restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a wonderful steak, a yummy slice of pizza, or a bowl of traditional Senegalese food, it’s hard to go hungry in New York City. To that end, make sure that you have the right outdoor gear for your trip.

If it’s going to be cool or rainy, even with your hired car, you may be standing in line for a while. Umbrellas are nice, but a raincoat with a hood can keep you warmer and dryer. Always be ready to walk at least a short distance, and stay patient.

Don’t Forget Dessert

New York is famous for her cheesecake, but your dessert options at Olmsted in Brooklyn can also include chocolate mousse. This will require that you take a limo ride over to Brooklyn, which will be well worth it and give you the chance to get photos of one of the most famous and beloved bridges in the world.

A Spot to Linger

NYC is all about action, but if you’re ready to linger for a bit, consider heading over to Times Square for brunch with a limo. Your choice to hire a chauffeur will prove to be a good one as they navigate the morning traffic. While the theatres will be dark in the midmorning, you’ll find plenty of street vendors selling handmade items and keepsake trinkets you can keep as a memento of your first visit to NYC post-COVID.

Once your shopping bag is full, take the elevator to the top of the Moxy Hotel for a tall stack of pancakes or Waffles a la Jenga. Be prepared for carbs and plan to do some napping after this luscious brunch.

Getting back out in the world after COVID-19 will take patience. However, your trip to NYC will be worth every line you have to stand in and every reservation you have to make. Hire a chauffeur to take care of all the driving you will need, and be safe with your plans.


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